Tom Yam Soup Cooking Set

Looking for the cozy blend of sour & sweet flavours? Try our Tom Yam soup! It is made by pounding together tamarind, shallot and a blend of selected Thai chilies.
  • Gluten-free
  • Just add your favourite protein and vegetables


Tom Yam Chili Paste: (Lemongrass 25.3%, Soybean oil 24.1%, Shallot 15.2%, Sugar 11%, Galangal 6.6%, Salt 4%, Kaffir lime leaves 3.8%, Tom Yam fried chili paste (Soybean oil, Tamarind paste(tamarind, water), Shallot, Thai garlic, Palm sugar, Dried Red chili, Salt) 3.3%, Dried Red chili 2.9%, Coriander roots 2.2%, Acidity regulator(E330) 1.6%) 77.8%

Premium Fish Sauce: (Anchovies 72.0%, Sea salt 25.0%, Sugar 3.0%) 15.5%

Thai Dried Spice: (Dried galangal 40.0%, Dried lemongrass 40.0%, Dried kaffir lime leaves 20.0%) 6.7%



Contains fish. Manufactured in a facility that processes sesame and peanuts.


Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened keep refrigerated and use within 1 week.

Recipe Video


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