Tom Kha Soup Cooking Set

Looking for a hot bowl of soup to warm up your day? The savoury, creamy, sour, and spicy Tom Kha soup is your best choice! Tom Kha soup is made by pounding together tamarind, galangal, shallot, lemongrass, lemon juice, kaffir lime leaves and chili paste.
  • Just add your favourite protein and vegetables
  • No additional spices necessary


Tom Kha paste: ( Galangal 21.0%, Tamarind paste (tamarind, water) 18.6%, Lemongrass 13.2%, Shallot 12.2%, Soybean oil 9.5%, Salt 5.9%, Sugar 5.7%, Tom Yam Chili Paste(Lemongrass, Soybean oil, Shallot, Sugar, Galangal, Salt, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Tom Yam fried chili paste (Soybean oil, Tamarind paste (Tamarind, water), Shallot, Thai garlic, Palm sugar, Dried Red chili, Salt), Dried Red chili, Coriander roots, Acidity regulator(E330)), Coriander roots
3.1%, Kaffir lime leaves 2.7%, Tom Yam chili oil (Tom Yam chili paste oil, Soybean oil) 2.2%, Dried Red chili 1.5%, Acidity regulator(E330) 0.2% ) 45.5%

Coconut milk powder: ( Fresh coconut cream 85.2% glucose syrup 11.92%, Milk protein 2.0%, Anti-caking agent(E551) 0.50%, Antioxidant(E340(ii)) 0.38%) 45.5%

Premium Fish sauce: ( Anchovies(fish) 72.0%, Sea salt 25.0%, Sugar 3.0%) 6.3%

Thai dried spice: (Dried Red chili 66.7%, Dried Kaffir lime leaves 33.3%) 2.7%




Contains fish and milk protein. Manufactured in a facility that processes sesame and peanuts.


Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened keep refrigerated and use within 1 week.

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