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The Blue Elephant Story


The Blue Elephant Group has played a significant role in promoting Royal Thai Cuisine internationally for over 36 years through its famous Restaurants.

Our Master Chef and Founder of Blue Elephant Group, Nooror SOMANY-STEPPE is recognised as a leading Ambassador of Thai Cuisine since the first Blue Elephant restaurant (Brussels 1980) to nowadays. As pioneer in Europe, the Group quickly launched a trade office in Bangkok in order to supply their restaurants with the best Thai fresh ingredients.

After the opening of several Blue Elephant restaurants and the launching of their Indian brand “La Porte des Indes”, the Blue Elephant Group branched out into other activities such as cooking schools and the development of a Royal Thai products line.

Reckoned to be one of the 5 best Thai Chefs in Thailand, Chef Nooror constantly sources the best raw materials locally. This is why we are using, amongst others, raw materials from the Royal Project Foundation.